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Facility and Site Management

Facility and Site ManagementFor many Clients, the continued success of their activities or production is highly dependent on the quality of their facilities, including the indoor environment. The extent and number of environmental liabilities may be large and include both the building construction materials and the nature of operations/activities within that building. Alternatively, Clients may be seeking to renovate a facility or to demolish a building. In either case, the Client is required to advise and warn any contractor of hazardous materials that may be encountered.

Facility and Site ManagementOCL Group has worked with numerous private and government clients to assess their facility, identify environmental liabilities and develop plans to manage and reduce such liabilities. Example liabilities include: asbestos-containing materials, lead paint, moulds, mercury and PCB-containing electrical equipment and other hazardous materials and wastes.

Facility and Site ManagementAnother aspect of building and facility management is the issue of chemical sensitivities. Many office buildings, schools and health facilities are instituting “no scents makes sense” policies to reduce exposures to a variety of chemical substances. OCL Group has worked with architectural firms and Clients to evaluate construction materials and site activities, with the objective of reducing chemical emissions and thereby providing better working conditions.

Our capabilities in Facility and Site Management can be divided into two broad groupings:

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